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Suite Patrol

Get inspired, don’t copy!

A splash of color!

Take a look at the rest of her suite!: LINDA-PUUS

Suite Patrol

An amazing suite by ROCKGODDESS

Take a look at her other rooms in her Stardoll suite…

Get inspired, but don’t blindly copy!


PS: Love the Edward Scissorhands :)

Glitch, or is Stardoll being kind?

Hi everybody,

I’m sure all of you who have joined or re-joined recently absolutely HATE this…

But it turns out you CAN access the room beside your main wardrobe room when you’re non-Superstar! It’s a bit annoying for me, seeing as I pretty much use my two bottom rooms for junk, but it was a nice surprise anyway.

But unfortunately, you have to have been a Superstar for at least a month in the past. Sorry for all you guys who have never been Superstar.

Bear hugs,


Another Comp

So i wanted to say you that tomorrow the comp to find the HB in real life will end and be sure to post all what you have to post and also i have another comp, it is a comp when i give you an item name and u dress your medoll with it and the best dresses ups ( 10 of the best i will choose will be in a poll and there the best can be choosen).


So here is the item name: MiSS Sixty Cork Heels

So Hurry and plz paste the pics in the comments


Ps - There are new HairDyes at Doree & All LE items are out so wait for the free LE thign they can send us !!!


Also in the club Display we are having a topic with some suggestions for the tsi so tell us there what you think and is sure that we would try to make the more needed, so got there by clicking on this link:


and dont forget we love your suggestions !!!

Check it out!!!!

Amazing Album !!

Check out twins18 album !!! she has the Best album of all stardolls ! Please rate it 5/5 if you can! because I know in my heart that she worked so hard on it!! And really, It would mean alot to her if you voted ! thank you ! Twins18. Great job!


xoxo, clarapop

Suite Patrol

Tribute to Michael Jackson.

Username: Gartenzwerg

(Click to Enlarge)

MJ Suite

Get inspired, DON’T copy!



Suite patrol


Ding Dong! Who’s home? :) Suite well done! To look around the house visit Sookie_S.

suite patrol



PS: I’m endlessly behind on reading comments (even after one day :S), but there is no need to post things more than once (eg little glitches or mistakes or non-ss outfits). Posting things serveral times only gives me more work and so it will take longer before it gets posted…

music in my head

Suite Patrol


This german lady did a good job! :)

Get inspired, but be as kind not to copy!



Spotlight on…


I randomly came arcoss her StarBazaar and she is selling some real pieces of art! :)



And again a Stardoll flaw… When click on the Alberta Ferretti doll in the Real Celeb dolls section it doesn’t take you to the doll… :S The only way to go to the doll is to enter Alberta Ferretti in the search bar.


thanks to John (club Talkshow)


thanks to Tina.483

Suite Patrol

I was really excited when I saw this for the first time! Look at it! ImAliceCullen tried to make the backgrounds of the Twilight movie. And I have to say that she made a very good job!!! Enjoy…

As you already realized these are the backgrounds from the baseball scene, the fight scene with “James” and the Forks High School.

Get inspired.DO NOT COPY!


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